The Competition

Each region can have up to 6 teams. They will play home and away, and the top 4 teams will play a playoff to find the champion and the second place. The Champion and 2 places of each region will play a conference playoff. The champions and the second place of each conference will play the State playoff. If we don’t have enough teams in one of these regions the team can apply to play in another region with the agreement of the other region teams or if they accept to play all their home games in the other region.

The number one goal is to avoid long trips and more expenses with travel.

Region and Conference Champions and 2nd places will get a trophy. League Champion and 2nd place will get a trophy and players will earn a medal.

Region Champion, Conference Champions and League Champion will win a free registration for the next season competition ( not cumulative and did not roll over if the team decides to skip a season)

League Champion Players. Will win a free registration for the next season if they stay on the same team ( not valid if player decide to skip a season)